About TSK

San-in Chuo Television Broadcasting (TSK) is a TV station of Fuji Network System (FNS) that broadcasts in Shimane Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture. We produce and deliver a wide range of programs from news to variety programs.

TSK TV Mascot Character

Our Programs (Domestic Only)

SOUP (30min)

This program is a live broadcast variety program that delivers the latest news of San-in district, sports, and entertainment.

Motto Naruhodo! Shimane Seminar by Yoshida-kun (6min)

It features useful community information about everyday life in Shimane by Shimane's super public relations ambassador, Yoshida-kun.

International Programs (English)

TSK is focusing on broadcasting programs overseas. We will continue to increase the number of programs that can be broadcast all over the world, ranging from travel programs in Japan to those introducing Japanese culture mainly in San-in district.


Content Development Department
San-in Chuo Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
140-1 Mukojimacho, Matsue, Shimane, 690-8666, Japan
E-mail: kaigai@tsk-tv.co.jp

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